UPDATE (2006-01-26): A much improved version of Regex Powertoy is now available at regex.powertoy.org. This page is now of only historical interest.

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Regex Powertoy

literal escaping
»step ⊗restart

match at caret:

Enter regular expression above; text to match below.

Enter a regular expression in the top text area; input to match in the bottom.

Mouse, click, and type around for extra bonus fun.

Requires Java 5.0 (aka "1.5") applet support in browser for the Java regex engine and stepping extensions.

Only tested in Firefox 1.0.6.

by Gordon Mohr (blog)

All HTML/JS/CSS/Java code GPL licensed, will be available via Sourceforge CVS. /PARAM name="mayscript" value="true"/ no object support