revised 2011-07-03
- Gordon Mohr, 2009-06-06

Up in the future, the end will be the beginning...

is the message. Paper fades to a distant memory. The medium Forever resisting this mounting impetus to invert, as In the long run, I wouldn't bet on any written forms The past collects ever downward, as pixelized sediment. Forming a 'now' horizon. The future drops in from above; In this new text world, the 'top' of your window Can predict changes soon. While neither Google Wave nor iPhone TXTs do yet, I Text on top. Twitter-centric tools do already, and This new orientation, always placing the very latest In time, forums, chats, and even essays may all embrace Screen-based writing. Work now to shift the expected direction of time-flow in News websites, blogs, friend feeds, Twitter -- they all Dig down to find the steps that led to this moment. Latest news, current state -- and, if time allows, we Completely supercede older material. We crave the Information decays, also, and new info often rises to Horizon -- from nearer, previous places. Further into the future stretch upward -- towards the Time', too. In a directed journey, the places reached There are logical reasons to view 'up' as 'forward in Convention, rather than captive necessity. Oh, downward still it ran, but now only by habit and Writing (and time) to travel only top to bottom. No longer a *physical* reason for the progress of Arriving on screen, though, was epochal -- There was The terminal screen. That could be further traced to line printers, and next Up from under the inky apparatus. Text still flowing down because paper had to slide Again into the era of the typewriter... with the Habits of handwriting continued into printing, and The relative positioning of our hands and eyes. Physical writing tools (especially smudgy ones) and In writing was a technical and biological artifact of Mapping the forward march of time from top to bottom Does this usual direction still make the most sense?
| A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation. | Q: Why is top posting frowned upon? | A: Top-posting. | Q: What is the most annoying thing on usenet and in email?
A traditional lament of online discussion goes:

In Praise Of Our Top-Posting Future